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Playing card games on a chess board.

Information for manufacturers of playing cards.

patent of invention for license or copyright contracts Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
Pages of this website represent new design and instructions of playing card games.
This game design or construction allows to play cards openly on a playing board with rectangular sectors when chances to win are equal for players, just as in a chess or checker gaming. But with application of traditional rules and playing interactions of card games.
Process of playing interaction is possible by different rules and instructions, and in total variants of card games and puzzles can be very various.
Present information is given for general examination and intends for to attract attention of businessmen or commercial organizations, or industrial manufacturers of playing cards and board games. And besides information intends for signing of license or copyright contracts in the case of any interest to publish this game design which holds the patent of invention RU 2204430 ( 20.05.2003).
Playing cards can look like printed sheets or volumetric tiles.

The author and patent owner.
Sergey Leonidovich Panphilov.

e-mail: panf-sergey@list.ru

This playing cards are not computer game. It is the board game which can be made of a cardboard and a paper. You can make this playing cards by means of PDF files where there are images suitable for printing in format A4. But computer variants of these playing card games can be realized if it will be interesting to software programmers.
Please, take into consideration that game rules and instructions are written in Russian. I have no translations into others languages now. But rules for the initial version of this board game with playing cards are presented in English language. Also brief translations of rules and instructions for basic and full versions are presented on English language at one page of this website.
In any case you have possibility to download images of any versions of this board game and to play.
Inform me if you are interested in this playing card games.

three decks of playing cards basic version of board game full version of card game

variants of game rules three-suited playing cards additional versions of special boards

Initial game version has two card decks or packs which have special designations, that allows to distinguish playing cards in the event that each player uses own deck. And also this game version has the playing chess board with colorless rectangular sectors or squares.
Basic game version too has two card decks with designations which allow to distinguish playing cards by players or gamers. But in addition card decks in this version have distribution to proportional groups with equal quantity of various colors and advantages or suits and values. Besides, 64 squares of playing chess board have designations appropriate to colors and suits of playing cards.
Full or big game version
has jokers in card decks, and also has chess boards with different quantity of squares and various arrangements of colors.
Version of three-suited cards has decks which have three colors or suits for games in which three players participate.
Additional versions has special chess boards and peculiar deck of playing cards.
Brief rules is translation of playing instructions for some variants of card games and puzzles.


The offered construction is different in comparison with traditional card games but essentially it is well-known playing cards which have four suits and sequential line of values. Suits are marked with colors in contours of traditional designations: red - hearts, yellow - diamonds, green - clubs, blue - spades. Values are marked with numbers or numerical signs from 1 to 8.
There are at the least two decks of 32 playing cards in the game set. Difference between decks are special designations on backs and faces of card sheets. That allows two players to play cards of own decks. Besides playing cards can be distinguished by means of orienting arrows on the chess board.
Zeros are added to numerical values of one card deck, that entails both the identity and the difference of tenfold advantages in different decks.
Each deck is classified into proportional playing groups of 16 cards having mathematical equality of suits and values. Namely two players can choose either two equivalent decks or two proportional groups of 32 or 16 playing cards for equal chances to win.
Rectangular sectors or squares on the chess board have the same suits and values like playing cards. The suits and values correlate with horizontal and vertical lines of squares. Suits are marked by four colors, and values are marked as numerical notation at the edges of playing chess board.
Gamers distribute card decks by means of distinctive designations and have in the initial playing positions as chess figures, and begin to replace, or shift, or move playing cards on squares of a chess board according to various variants of game rules.
Gamers have equal chances to win because of proportional distribution of playing cards. And also gamers have full information about playing cards of opponent because of open positions on chess-board squares.
Playing cards on squares interact according to suits and numerical values as in the contract bridge or poker, but also as chessmen or draughts.

You can download all game versions in PDF files where images of playing cards are suitable for printing in format A4. Then you can print and begin to play. The rules of games and patience puzzles for initial version are translated into English language.

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Among websites on the portal of games and online art galleries www.64g.ru pay attention to numbers and letters, and also dominoes which are analogues of the present playing cards. The listed games are similar to the chess gaming as tiles of dominoes or playing cards with numbers and letters are on a board which allow to play with open information.
Pages of websites on the portal of intellectual games and online galleries www.64g.ru too have PDF files with images suitable for printing.
PDF files result different rules and instructions for various intellectual board games and logical conundrums or patience puzzles.


It seems me that information of this website may be interesting for chess players, and also for fans of other intellectual board games or logical puzzles. Because game rules and instructions are quite similar to the chess or checker gaming, also this playing cards are similar to chessmen or draughts.
I hope that not only to fans of intellectual board games, but also to players of poker and gamers of casino there will be interesting information on pages of this website. Namely construction of the offered playing cards can be useful as a complete set according to which players can organize programs of sports tournaments where people play board games. Or the offered design of playing cards can be interesting to players of contract bridge, or for organizers of poker tournaments as an alternative board game.
Once more I remind that you can download images of playing cards and rules of games in PDF files.

Information on playing card games by means of one hyper link.

I hope games and puzzles with playing cards on a chess board will be interesting!
Also I shall be glad if this constructive design will be interesting for commercial manufacturers of playing cards or board games.

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