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Initial decks of playing cards.
Card games on a chess board.

Construction of the offered complex of open card games on a chess board can be in simplified version. It means the initial set which consist of one colorless game board and two simplified decks of playing cards. Such simplified version may be named as initial.

On this pages there is the link on PDF file with images of playing cards and rules for simple board games and patience puzzles which you can download, and then to print and try to play.


Description of initial version of open card games.

The initial game version is elementary constructive design or ordinary set which has the playing chess board with colorless rectangular sectors and two simple card decks. Namely sectors of game board do not possess designations which correspond to suits (colors) and numerical values (digital meanings) of playing cards. And also playing cards in decks or packs are not distributed on proportional groups, and consequently do not possess complex distinctive signs as in other versions of the present complex of board games.
Therefore rules of games and puzzles with playing cards on the colorless chess board are simple. But nevertheless simple initial card decks allow to play various games and interesting playing interactions.
Constructive design of the initial version has unification for combinations to playing cards and chess boards of basic and full versions of the present "open games with equal chances of a prize".
And also constructive design of the initial game version has the certificate or patent RU34387.
I hope that initial card design will be interesting to manufacturers of playing cards and board games.

Simple card decks and colorless playing board of initial game version.

intellectual toy for development of logic thinking of children in initial classes files of PDF start computer programs or software equipments

developing toy for children with childish drawings or pictures

Images of initial version can be downloaded in the PDF file.
Images are suitable for printing in format A4.
Game rules of this initial version are presented in English language.

rules of initial version are presented in English language

Print images in this PDF file and make playing cards, and assay to play according to game rules and instructions which are written on English language.
Files of PDF start corresponding computer programs if necessary software equipments are installed. And sometimes PDF files open new windows of internet observers or otherwise to tell web browsers, that depends on computer adjustments.
Therefore this PDF file is necessary for keeping in any certain folder of your computer to not lost the way. Or preliminary you can download PDF file in a necessary folder, and then to open in the corresponding computer program.
PDF file can be printed by means of ordinary home printer. But you need correct skill to use glue and scissors that will make the game board and playing cards of a paper.
If paper product will be made, inform your opinion by e-mail: panf-sergey@list.ru.
If there will be any private questions on rules of card games and patience puzzles then too address by e-mail.
And here look address for public discussions about open playing cards on a chessboard, and also many other themes for online conversations about various intellectual logic games in the Internet.

I hope that you appreciate this version of initial playing card decks and game rules as interesting and entertaining!


The offered board game with card decks on a chess board can be used as an intellectual toy for development of logic thinking of children in initial classes of schools or kindergartens. In particular constructive design of initial game version can be used as a developing toy allowing to train and exercise children's intelligence and logic thinking, because suits and numerical meanings of playing cards are similar to color plaything cubes or bricks.
Namely suits on playing cards can be pictured only by different colors without symbols of hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades. And also numerical meanings or values of playing cards can be pictured by means of any children's pictures without use of numerical designations and graphic figures of jacks, queens, kings. In this case the offered entertaining board game can be applied as developing toy for children in kindergartens or schools to development of intelligence and logic thinking of younger age kids or schoolboys of initial classes.
For example, numerical meanings of playing cards can be pictured as drawings or figures of insects and animals, birds and beasts, vegetables and fruits, flowers or other plants. And also card suits can look as four-colored vegetables and fruits, or insects and animals, or flowers and birds, or other objects of flora and fauna. And in particular blue and green dragonflies, or blue and yellow butterflies, or green and red bees, or red and blue ants can be pictured on playing cards. In this case constructive playing design can be considered as card decks with childish drawings or pictures for developing games which allow to train mental abilities and logic thinking of children.
Also playing cards in decks of the offered entertaining board game can have pictures of four-colored fishes, leaves of trees, polygonal geometrical figures, nine mathematical numbers or twenty six letters of English alphabet. And in all cases such playing cards with childish drawings or pictures can be applied to developing games or logic puzzles which will promote intellectual development of children.
Pay attention that 26+26=52 letters of English alphabet or double set of alphabetic characters can be correlated with a playing card deck which have 4 colors and 13 numerical meanings, as 4x13=52. Namely it is possible to correlate letters of English alphabet with classical deck of playing cards of poker or bridge games. And it is possible to organize a game set in which English alphabetic characters on 52 playing cards symbolize 13 numerical values, and also are painted with 4 colors which symbolize suits, that is possible to use as developing game or intellectual kid toy.
Or for letters of the English alphabet it is possible to organize two card decks which have 32 playing cards everyone. Namely 4 colors and 8 numerical values that corresponds to the game board which has 8 verticals and 8 horizontals. As well as all decks of playing cards in three versions of the offered board game which is described on pages of this website.
Namely alphabetic set of English letters in each card deck can have 20 consonants and 6+6=12 double quantity of vowel characters. Then each deck will have 20+12=32 playing cards that allows to connect English letters with designations of suits and numerical values. As a result it is possible to play word forming games on a chess board by means of tiles or pieces which are similar to playing cards in poker or contract bridge.
Look information about decks or sets of 32 game cards with images of 20 consonants and 6+6=12 vowel letters of English alphabet on pages of other website: www.wordgame.64g.ru/en.htm.