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intellectual card games and puzzles

Full version of game construction.
Card packs on a playing chess board.

Below on this page there is link on PDF file with images, and also rules of intellectual card games and patience puzzles which you can download and print, and then try to play.


Third pack of playing cards.

playing cards as intellectual game for sports tournaments and competitions

Game set of jokers.

intellectual patience puzzles for gamers with playing cards of jokers

Board B for playing cards.

construction of intellectual games for International Mind Sports Association

Playing board C for jokers.

tactical compositions of playing cards as chess problems and etudes

Distributions of playing cards in the pack of full version.

Two proportional groups of colors and digital meanings.
1) 1G 1Y 2R 2B 3G 3Y 4R 4B 5G 5Y 6R 6B 7G 7Y 8R 8B.
2) 1R 1B 2G 2Y 3R 3B 4G 4Y 5R 5B 6G 6Y 7R 7B 8G 8Y.

Three proportional groups of colors and digital meanings.
1) 1R 1B 2Y 3G 4B 5R 6G 6Y.
2) 1G 2R 3B 3Y 4G 4R 5Y 6B.
3) 1Y 2G 2B 3R 4Y 5B 5G 6R.

Description of playing cards and game boards of full version.

Or look brief description for full version of card game construction.

The full version of game construction contains two chess boards and third pack of playing cards, and also the deck or set of jokers which supplement the basic version of constructive design.
Distinctive attributes or features of third pack are dark circles on faces and double dark circles on backs of playing card sheets. But other parameters of playing designations of three card packs are equivalent. Namely playing cards have colors which are designated by various paints in contours of traditional suits, and also digital meanings or numerical values which are specified by mathematical figures or numbers.
Digital meanings of playing cards in the third pack have double zeroes which provide distinction and at the same time equal advantages of numerical values in three packs in the complete set of boars game. For example, 1R one red and 10G ten green and 100Y hundred yellow in three packs can be perceived by players or gamers as playing cards which have equal or different numerical values depending on various variants of game rules.
And also playing cards of the third pack have focusing arrows for direction aside opponents at arrangements on a game board.
Design feature of the third card pack is distribution of color suits and digital meanings on two and three proportional groups which can be applied if not only two, but also three players participate in board games.
Presence and absence of daggers on facial and back surfaces of playing cards means belonging to two proportional game groups.
Points in the bottom left corners of playing cards specify belonging to three proportional groups.
Distribution to three proportional gaming groups contradicts quadruple card combination theory, namely contradicts division of playing cards and squares of game board into four colors or suits. But however use of three proportional groups or three packs at observance of necessary game rules provides equal odds of a prize to players.
The correct triple combination theory is used at distribution to proportional groups of three-suited playing cards about which it is possible to learn on corresponding page of this website.
In essence three packs of playing cards in the basic and full versions in constructive design of this construction are not intended for games in which three players can take part, but intended for different chess boards.
Because three card packs are distributed on proportional groups differently, and also linear structures of three game boards are arranged differently. Namely verticals of chess boards A and B in the basic and full versions have different dispositions of color suits, that allows to choose various packs and proportional groups of playing cards for games or patience puzzles on different linear structures of rectangular sectors.
The chess playing board C has 72 rectangular sectors, namely 8 horizontals and 9 verticals. One vertical row of rectangular sectors is colorless and is intended for jokers. Namely for various games and patience puzzles in which players or gamers can use playing cards of jokers.
The deck of jokers in the complete set of the offered board game is made with 12 playing cards which correspond to three packs. Namely four jokers for each pack.
Appearance of jokers is similar to playing cards of three packs. But jokers have no color suits, and instead of numerical values or digital meanings have zeroes. On faces and backs on sheets of jokers there are presence or absence of daggers, that designates belonging to proportional game groups in structures of corresponding card packs.
Total players or gamers can use three chess boards and three packs of playing cards, and also the deck of jokers for rules and instructions of various games and intellectual patience puzzles.

pictures of card pack and deck of jokers with chess boards for printing

The file PVRU5.PDF presents pictures of the third playing card pack and deck of jokers, and images of two chess boards of full card game construction for printing in format À4. And also rules and instructions of 54 card games and puzzles. Instructions in this PDF file are written in Russian but look brief translation of some game rules into English language.

I hope that the full version of the present design of game construction will be interesting not only for fans of poker or contract bridge, but also for manufacturers of playing cards!

Besides complete set of this game construction has additional packs of playing cards and chess boards which can be used as special. Namely which are intended for intellectual games and logic puzzles which assume use of playing cards with especial design or chess boards with special linear configurations of rectangular sectors. Look information on additional game boards and card packs on corresponding page of this website.


The shown playing cards are equivalent to chessmen, namely in essence are intellectual board game or logic patience, and consequently can be actual in sports tournaments and competitions which can be similar to championships of chess players. Or can be similar to sports tournaments of poker gamers and competitions of contract bridge players.
A sports federation of "open playing cards" can be organized. Or otherwise to tell a noncommercial organization which alongside with World Bridge Federation WBF and International Federation of Poker IFP can be a member of International Mind Sports Association IMSA.
As poker and bridge are considered as intellectual sports games which are constructed on "psychology of strategic thinking". And also the board game construction of open playing cards can be considered as a type of intellectual sports games in federations of International Mind Sports Association IMSA.
Organizers of sports tournaments at International Federation of Poker IFP and competitions of players at World Bridge Federation WBF can consider such game opportunity.

The shown playing cards during intellectual games and logic puzzles form on squares of linear structure positional tactical compositions which actually are equivalent to chess problems and etudes which have publication in magazines for chess-players or other popular scientific journal editions, or on last pages of newspapers. Therefore construction of the present board game can be applied for designing of entertaining logic puzzles with playing cards, or otherwise to tell for inventing of card etudes and problems which too can be published on pages of intellectual scientific magazines where crossword conundrums and various geometrical riddles have publication.